Seigokan Anniversary Promotional Poster UE

Seigokan Anniversary Promotional Poster UE

segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2009

Welcome All


The Seigokan Europa website was created to all countries members of Seigokan, old and traditional ones, as Portugal and Italy, with more than 30 years of history, or new ones, that want to belong to a traditional Gojuryu Karatedo Family and Association, with a great History, Integrity, Honour and Past, as Seigokan, which belongs the World Famous 4 times WKF Kata Champion, Atsuko Wakai, founded by late Seigo Tada Hanshi (8th Dan) in 1945, in Kyoto, Japan. All Europe Seigokan Associations will be affiliated directly to the Seigokan Honbu Dojo in Himeji, Japan, although may be members and affiliated of Europe Seigokan Branch.

Do the step. Join us.

The European Seigokan Head Chief Instructor

Jose Santana Shihan (6th Dan)

The Italian Seigokan Head Chief Instructor

Francesco Cuzzocrea Shihan (6th Dan)


Seigokan Europa Headquarters Official Notice

Seigokan Mexico - ASGM, led by Roberto Ullrich Sensei, is the most recent member of Seigokan Europa. Roberto Ullrich was graduated by Eduardo Rodríguez García, a former Mexican Gojukai Sensei. Invited by Seigokan Europa General Secretary to join Seigokan in November 2011, Roberto Ullrich and Santana Shihan, signed the Seigokan Commitment in January 03, 2012.

Although belonging to the American continent, Seigokan Mexico will be affiliated with Seigokan Honbu Dojo in Japan through Seigokan Europe, under the responsibility of Santana Shihan, due to the unavailability expressed by Takeshi Fukuchi Shihan, Americas Seigokan leader.

Long Life to Seigokan Mexico!

Long Life to Seigokan Europa!

Seigokan... Forever!


International Seigokan Seminar

International Seigokan Seminar by Japan Seigokan Overseas in Portugal, May 24, 2009.

Delivery of Seigokan England flag

Delivery of England Seigokan flag from Santana Shihan to Richard Marsh in November 2011.

Delivery of Seigokan Italia flag

Delivery of Italy Seigokan flag from Santana Shihan to F. Cuzzocrea Shihan in October 2008.
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